Personal Training


Personal training services are available from the convenience and comfort of your own home or other arranged venue. In some circumstances it can be done remotely, via phone, email or video calling platforms.

Everyone needs a coach! Even the best, most accomplished athletes in the world will always have a coach, so no matter what stage you’re at with your health & Fitness journey there are always adjustments to be made. The primary benefit of personal training is information. Getting the right knowledge to achieve the results you want is key. See it as an investment for your future and seek to learn as much as you can from your personal trainer. It can revolutionise the way you work out and radically change your approach to fitness.

The second greatest aspect of personal training is motivation. We all need a push every now and then to keep going and there's no greater motivation than a Personal Trainer on your doorstep every Monday morning! A Personal Trainer will help to push you to your max and also know when you should hold back to prevent injury or stop you going too hard too soon, developing good habits right from the get go. A Personal Trainer will guide you through the different training stages ensuring maximum results without an early burn out, helping you to develop lasting long term results and a new life style.

There are so many benefits to personal training that are as unique as you are, so whether you're looking for a continuing training coach to keep you in check or a short to mid term solution for an occasion or life plan, Bodyworkpt can help, so please get in touch.

Prices, times & location will be discussed upon enquiry.

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