Pilates Terms & Conditions & Refund Policy



Terms & Conditions

Class fee:

£8 Single session pay on the day

£7 Advance bookings and block bookings

£6 Subscribers and students in full time education.

1: All bookings must be paid in full in advance of the class/classes, in cash, card payment (*card reader available for chip & pin, contactless & Applepay in class) or by instant electronic payment (bacs).

*Arrangement for electronic payments can be made directly with Kirsty.

2: Places will not be guaranteed until payment is received and will operate on a first come first served basis.

3: Single session pay on the day &Last Chance places can be booked 24hrs before or on the day of the class, payment can be made electronically, in cash or by card upon arrival of the class.

4: Refunds will not be given.

5: Block bookings must be within a 4 – 6 week period.

6: 48 hrs notice must be given to reschedule or the class fee will be forfeit.

7: When rescheduling, an alternate date must be arranged or the class fee will be forfeit.

8: Alternate dates must be within the same 4 – 6 week block and will not be carried forward.

9: Student discount: This is available to students in Full time education and is a flat rate for Pay on the day and block bookings.



*Priority places

If you know you can commit long term to a specific class/classes & wish to secure an ongoing place in those classes, you can set up a subscription.

*This will qualify you for a discounted fee of £6 per session if you pay by an arranged monthly standing order.

*The arrangement is set for an average of 4 x sessions per month for each class = £24

*This commitment will secure your place in the class, you will automatically be booked in each month for your specified class.

*The standing order will need to be set for the 12th of each month, which will be **an advance payment for the following month**.

*Sessions will not be carried over to the following month if classes are missed.

*Payment holidays are not permitted

*Sessions can not be allocated to other persons.

*The subscription is for specified classes and cannot be used for other classes.

*One months notice will be appreciated if you wish to cancel your standing order arrangement.

*If you are unable to attend any of your classes please notify Kirsty as soon as possible.

*You will be notified when there are fewer sessions available (such as during my holidays) when it will be your responsibility to alter your subscription amount for that month and reset it back to the original amount for the following month, as no refunds will be given and the fee is not transferrable to other dates or persons

Please contact Kirsty if you wish to set up this arrangement