I have been attending pilates classes with Kirsty for over a year. I started attending following a back injury and have been amazed by the difference it has made both to my general flexibility and fitness but also to my back. I am now back to gardening and long country walks without any ill effects and am very aware of how to protect my back when lifting or driving. Kirsty is a brilliant teacher. She explains everything clearly and encourages you to work at your own level and pace. I now attend the back to basics class she has designed especially for those of us who like to take things a little more slowly and focus on the foundation of pilates and the breathing and core techniques. I recommend joining 100 percent.

- Di Roffe

Kirsty, you deserve a medal! Somewhere between witchcraft and miracle worker, I cannot decide, but I can be decisive about your help for me. In four years you have transitioned me from a recovering Heart Bypass patient, to a spritely 71 year old (who can touch his toes for the first time in over 20 years). Your initial cardiac sessions help me get out of bed and able to function again, and that led into the Pilates classes where I discovered that aching backs, pulled muscles and stiff joints are not a life sentence, but rather a challenge that can be gradually and progressively pushed away. You helped me reveal the body I had in my 50's and now it is an endless source of pride and confidence.

Thank you Kirsty,

- John

Hey Kirsty
Long time no hear...... Sorry for that!
Just to let you know that most of my aches and pains are gone. (All my transferred leg pain has vanished - thank god!!)

Anyway I was stretching combined with a pull up bar complete with ab straps for knee lifts, oblique twists and now - wonder of wonder.... leg raises - which seems to be doing the trick.

Thanks for getting me off on the right foot
It has been a life changing transformation these past few months!!
I am a bit more confident about approaching middle age as I'm actually able to stand up properly!

Hope all is well with you.....
- and remember Antigua - if Nottinghamshire gets too grey and chilly!!

We might well need a top Pilates instructor!! 😉

best regards

- Nick Williams, Antigua

Dear Kirsty,

I took quite a lot of your classes at Southwell Leisure centre over the summer/ autumn last year and we had a nutrition session in October to help me transition out of my diet. I just wanted to let you know that your nutrition advice really helped. I feel a lot happier and healthier now! I am not at my target weight but I am not as focused on that anymore. I am focusing more on what I eat rather than the calories. I always check the sugar content now.
I just wanted to send you a quick message to say thank-you and let you know that your advice sunk in, and I also completed my first Sprint Triathlon this weekend so something is going right.

Kind Regards,

- Ella Brady

"'I have known Kirsty since I joined her class earlier this year. She is friendly and a popular instructor who puts people at their ease and encourages all members of the class to achieve their goals.
I have no hesitation in recommending Kirsty as both a class teacher and personal trainer.'"

- Susan Wilson

"'I really enjoy Kirsty's classes. I started the class thinking I wouldn't be able to do anything but now I find that both my flexibility and core strength have really improved so I enjoy doing more challenging versions of the exercises. But that's what is fabulous about such an inclusive and friendly class. One really great benefit is that even though I've not lost any weight my stomach is much flatter and getting those jeans zipped up is much easier these days!'"

- Sally French

"I have been attending Kirsty's Pilates classes for just over a year.

The controlled discipline of exercises with measured breathing has positively affected my general wellbeing and especially my golf swing. It has also reduced my stress levels.

The classes seem to suit all levels and ages with both male and female participants; but it is Kirsty's smile and encouragement that make it fun.

I plan to continue with her classes for a long time!"

- David Armitage

"Just give them my phone number, I'll be happy to give anyone a reference for your classes Kirsty"

- Tony Strawson

"I pulled my lower back in April (post-op prolapse disc), which pretty much immobilised me for months, having to take strong painkillers to get by. Slowly got myself to a point of being able to join Kirsty's class in July. My hamstrings were so tight I couldn't even bend down to put my shoes on! What a difference a few months have made! I have re-built my strength and am learning how to support my back so that I have less chance of injuring myself again in the future. Gradually I am getting my fitness back and can enjoy my every day life without that terrible back pain I have suffered for so long. The classes are well thought out and fun too - so win win! Thanks Kirsty"

- Gemma Clarke

"I have been doing Kirsty's classes since I first was diagnosed with RA, over 8 years ago, she is the only person who has fully understood my capabilities, which weren't very many when I started with wrist splints on and not much flexibility. I have tried many different classes but I stick with Kirsty as she will adapt any excercise to suit and aches & injuries. Without this class I wouldn't be as mobile as I am today and have since achieved sprint triathlon and a big open water swim. Thank you Kirsty xxx"

- Lin Conrad

"A year ago I developed a severe back problem which was excruciating and meant I had to have numerous trips to a physiotherapist. For 2 months I could not walk without the use of a walking stick. My therapist suggested that Pilates could help with my recovery and thankfully I discovered Kirsty Green.

I cannot recommend Kirsty highly enough. She is an excellent teacher, friendly, highly professional always encouraging and makes classes a joy to attend.

My back problem has improved enormously and I can now walk again unaided by a walking stick. Most importantly I am now pain free and I look forward to my weekly Pilates class. Thank you Kirsty."

- Liz Atkin

"Without Pilates I would have back problems! A few years ago, the Doctor suggested exercise, I said ... " You are joking, I can hardly walk!!" It worked, Pilates was the answer.

I moved areas and found Kirsty.

Kirsty offers various levels to each exercise, so everyone can join in. She will also discuss your individual needs before hand, so if you have a problem, she will offer an alternative exercise. Great class!"

- Janet, Southwell

"I started doing Pilates about 18 months ago following a prolapsed disc. My Chiropractor advised Pilates as a way to prevent further problems with my discs, I contacted Kirsty and had 8 private Pilates lessons with her and then moved to her classes. I will never be super flexible, but the difference pilates has made to me is incredible. After a year of doing pilates I returned to see my Chiropractor due to a shoulder injury (unrelated to pilates!), and he was amazed to see the improved flexibility. He told me he had never thought I would be that flexible due to the spinal condition I have. This is all down to Pilates and Kirsty’s professional teaching. I have tried other classes, but non compare to Kirsty’s class."

- Jill

"Dear Kirsty,

I’d like to express my thanks to you. As you were aware I had my first child in 2006 and was still breast feeding when I joined your class in ’07. I was unhappy with the weight that I could not seem to shed and with all the extra calories I needed in order to feed my baby, I was feeling generally demotivated. I began to feel like I had no shape and was not sexy looking for my husband! This was when I took action and started your class! You were encouraging, motivating and most of all there was always good humour and fun to your class! I rediscovered how exercise can be fun and shopping for a dress size smaller a break through!

Many thanks,"

- N Frost, Nottinghamshire

"Making the decision back in January 2012 to get fitter was just the start. Little did I know what other positive changes would result in having Kirsty as my personal trainer.

Kirsty provides weekly one-to-one bespoke fitness sessions and instructs on continuing the exercise between these sessions along with nutritional advice. Exercising and altering my diet, with Kirsty’s invaluable help, has made significant changes to my body shape – including the loss of an impressive 10cm (4in) off my waist and 10lbs in weight!

The lethargy in the middle of the afternoon has gone too but another unexpected major change is that prior to having Kirsty, I was suffering badly with digestive problems (Like IBS but even after several tests was not actually diagnosed) and I was unable to pinpoint a trigger. However, now that I’ve altered my diet by cutting out refined sugar and eating more natural foods, I can honestly say that my symptoms have practically disappeared! This problem had been very debilitating for me and this major improvement has made a huge positive difference to me!

With Kirsty’s instruction, help and continued support, and some simple lifestyle adjustments, not only have I become much fitter but I have also experienced several other very beneficial changes!!"

- Karen Green, Newark

"Kirsty is a great instructor – fun, personable and professional. She has a genuine interest in her client group and encourages each individual to get the best out of their workout by streamlining each participants exercise plan. She interacts with the group throughout the class, constantly monitoring technique, adjusting and correcting as required in order to ensure safety and maximise gains. A great class to be part of!"

- Marie, Nottinghamshire

"I have attended Kirsty’s exercise classes for the past few years and have found them to be both useful and enjoyable.

The activities are geared to our age group and always allows for varying abilities. In addition to the benefit of our bodies and health, we also enjoy the pleasant and friendly atmosphere."

- June Callow, Bilsthorpe

"I enjoy Kirsty’s workouts.

She is relaxed and friendly and her demonstrations and instructions are easy to follow. We are all able to work to our own level of ability.

Kirsty takes note of our health issues and then she gives us advice about the exercises where necessary. She also steps in to advise and help while the class is in progress. Kirsty chooses great motivational music to get us all going while we are doing the circuit work and then she calms us down with soothing music while we do the floor exercises. The hour flashes by and all the members of the class feel very good at the end."

- Lin Ritchie, Farnsfield

"I really enjoy Kirsty’s exercise classes. It is fun and you make friends. Kirsty explains well, all the exercises we do and the benefits and you can do them at your own fitness level.

Kirsty has also given me massage therapy on my shoulder and upper arms which had been causing me problems for several months. Since the massage and doing the exercises she recommended, I have been pain free and I’m now more flexible when using my arms to lift and carry.

I would recommend Kirsty’s fitness classes and sports massage therapy sessions to anyone wanting to keep fit or having problems with aches and pains. Thanks Kirsty."

- Vivian Betts, Nottinghamshire

image1"I have been visiting Kirsty for sports massage for 4 years now, as she gives a very personalised approach. Upon meeting her you will sense her caring attitude and interest in giving you the best treatment she has to offer. I have come to realise in nearly 15 years of competing in Karate regionally, nationally and internationally how important a good sports massage can be both in preparation for and recovery from competitions. I have visited many massage therapists and have learned through trial and error that there is a massive difference between therapists and the benefits they provide. I highly recommend Kirsty as she has an ability to revitalise, relax, unknot, and align your body whilst improving the function and suppleness of the troublesome muscles. Kirsty is excellent in the work that she does and because of her friendly and talkative personality it is a pleasure to spend an hour in her company, despite the fact that she is prodding and poking you in painful places! Big thank you Kirsty!"

- Craig Williams (4th Dan Black Belt in Shotokan Karate)
- JKS England Team member
- Current JKS European Champion & numerous individual/team titles won at regional, national and international level

"I have been attending Kirsty's circuits and body conditioning classes for over a year now and I can honestly say that they are the most enjoyable classes I have ever attended! The sessions are always varied and work every area of the body - the following day you certainly know you have worked! Kirsty is a great instructor - she takes time to demonstrate every exercise and corrects you if you haven't quite got the technique right. She is always in a good mood and gives her clients 100%! I have definitely improved my fitness through attending Kirsty's classes and have made lovely friends in the process"

- Fiona Clarke, Nottinghamshire